At some point two years ago I lost myself. I wrote about this in a separate blog post, but in short I wasn’t focused and I stopped doing the things that made me feel most alive. I don’t like feeling regret, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling it sometimes. I am an artist and a creator, and for so long I repressed my need to make. I told myself it wasn’t productive, profitable, or worthy of my time. But as my awareness to the shortness of life becomes heightened, I realize that life is meant to be enjoyed. Art makes me happy--no further justification is needed.

   My go-to art form has been self portraiture. Not because it is the only medium I enjoy, but because I have found that self portraits have allowed me to connect with an incredible online community of creators. Out of all of the types of images I have posted, my #advancedselfies have helped me grow the most online. After feeling artistically stagnant for so long, this creative social media boost feels so, so good.

    So, here are my #advancedselfies from October 10th, 2018. Each time I set up my camera and self timer, I learn more about myself - my angles, my style, the person I want the world to see me as. This expression feels empowering and I know it’s taking me in the right direction.