Thank god for meeting my neighbor Mario. I could have not asked the universe for a better friend at a better time. He taught me about myself, about the healing power of CBD, and about the importance of having loyal friends who are happy to just sit and listen.

   We went on a much needed hike before I left Ajijic. The view was phenomenal. At one point we strayed off the beaten path and walked into a little cove. There we sat to simply listen to the sounds of nature and meditate. There was something magic about that place. Maybe it was coincidence, or maybe we manifested it, but a hummingbird joined us briefly. It fluttered so close to our faces I flinched and scared it away.

   Later that day we went swimming. I swear water is healing. I sat at the bottom of the pool and opened my eyes like in The Graduate. I just stared at the empty blue and missed the ‘woosh’ of the ocean tide rocking me back and forth.