In November of 2017, I moved alone to Guadalajara. For the first several weeks I was scared shitless to leave my Airbnb. But on one grey January morning, I decided to face my fears and go out to a market to take photos. I didn’t know how to get there, or if it was the kind of place to take out my camera, but I needed a reason to leave the house. I was desperate to create. As it turns out, I came back alive. I got cat-called a couple of times, but there was no bark that turned into bite. I found awesome subjects and by the end of a several hours I was giddy to go home and review the photos on my laptop.

   ‘Abastos’ is a large market place that for the most part sells wholesale foods, produce, and kitchen supplies to the restaurants and businesses in Guadalajara. The market is one block wide and spans over 10 blocks. The first block has party supplies, street-style restaurants and all-in-one grocery stores. Each street for the most part is sectioned off by category. Dry good, fruit, seafood, vegetables, etc.

   After living in Guadalajara for several months, I found out that the ‘Calle 9’ section of the market was the jackpot for broke shoppers like myself at the time. This is where you can buy carrots with three legs, day old flowers, and suspiciously cheap avocados. It is not a pretty place to shop, but it is by far the most inexpensive local option I found.