I didn’t write in my diary on this day, so I don’t remember the full play-by-play. But I do remember this…

   I had binge watched Sorelle Amore videos the day before and I had written down the day before “Take advanced selfie photos”. For those of you who don’t follow Sorelle, she is a digital nomad (someone who travels full time and works online), social media influencer and Youtuber who rose to fame by winning a trip around the world called “The Best Job on The Planet, by Third Home”. In addition to documenting her travels, she started creating tutorials on how she takes all of her own photos and started a movement of people who take high quality self portraits or #advancedselfies. I was utterly inspired and wanted to hop on the bandwagon.

    I woke up early before work to capture the golden light of the rising sun and took these photos. I hoped, and knew somewhere deep down, that this would be the first of many advanced selfies.