I hated the city. I moved to Guadalajara in late November 2017 and two months later I still hated it. I hated the pollution, and how it made me cough like a smoker. I hated the sirens that woke me up in the middle of the night. I hated that I had already witnessed three car crashes only blocks from my apartment. I hated that I had chosen to move here and all I could think about was, “When can I leave?”

   I knew that no matter where I lived, things would get better if I could make some more money. At this point I was still in denial about the fact that I just needed to get a job and postpone my hopes of working as a full time designer.  “There's a way!” I thought. “I refuse to join the rat race and become mentally ill.” Clearly, I had demons to face.

   But amidst my illusions, I began to do research about how to make money as a stock photographer. I got motivated and went to the rooftop of the apartment where I was staying to take these photos. Of course, I never actually uploaded them to a stock photography site. But I did feel better after taking them. My intuition always urges me to create, especially when I am broke and depressed.