She’s a girl, playing a game of adulthood,

Like water, reflecting the sky.

She is Juliet in a never ending movie,

But she doesn’t know her lines.

She is a bird falling from the nest,

Seeing if she can fly.

She is ripping her own heart out,

Just to prove that she won’t die.

She sings only when no one listens,

Secretly she’s shy.

She is wears nothing but her ego,

Hoping you don’t see past the disguise.

She hides behind the viewfinder,

Awaiting your reply.

She is a chameleon, wearing black satin,

With pearls instead of eyes.

She speaks only in similes and metaphors,

When she doesn’t want to lie.

She sees herself in everyone,

but is too quick to criticize.

She reads the manual twice,

to break rules that don’t apply.

And when she disappears,

it is to no one's surprise.

She is an open book,

Except for page 35.

She loves being alone,

But is lonely at times.

Her heart isn’t big enough,

for the longing she holds inside.